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Our team

Grainforce Logistics is comprised of a diverse number of employees whose roles range from labourers, administration and logistical experts, laboratory technicians, truck drivers and operations managers. Here at Grainforce Logistics, we are passionate and strive to employ a diverse workforce to ensure equal employment opportunities. In turn, this helps to create a fair and respectful workplace culture. 



Grainforce was established in 1993 by Derek Larnach and before that operated under DJ & HE Larnach which commenced operations in 1986. Derek was an integral member of the Grainforce Logistics team and oversaw the business grow from a single man operation to what it is today.

Derek provided insights and expertise into every aspect of the business including grain production, harvesting, handling, storage, marketing, and price discovery sectors.

Sadly in January of 2022, Derek lost his long battle to cancer. He is deeply missed by many. His contribution and work in the grain industry has been recognised and appreciated by a great number of businesses and individuals.


Operations Manager / Director

Wes’s interest in the business is driven by his desire to ensure farmers receive the best possible price for their commodity, whilst also being at the forefront of great customer service and transparent communications between all parties involved. His careful consideration and attention to detail ensures that all day to day operations are carried out effectively and efficiently, whilst also establishing new business and customer relationships.


Office Manager / Director

Estelle’s role within the Grainforce Logistics enterprise allows for the careful and timely deliverance of the administration function of the business. She strives to ensure that all of the needs of not only the business but also the customers are met and satisfied. 

Estelle ensures that the needs of all employees are fulfilled, which therefore generates motivated employees and employee satisfaction which in turn delivers quality results for our customers. 


Rail Logistics Manager

Logistical expert, Lena, guarantees that all customer requirements are fulfilled through careful and strategic planning. Such planning involves ensuring train movements occur in a timely manner to ensure that containers arrive at wharf for their allocated receival time and vessel departure this involves liaising with our rail transportation team (SSR), and communicating with wharfs.


Yard Supervisor

Cody is an integral member of the Grainforce Logistics team. With high organisational skills, Cody supervises the container yard operations and facilitates the movement of containers within the yard and between trucks and trains. Cody’s role also entails recording container and truck movements to correspond with logistical requirements. His high level of organisation also allows for the efficient loading and unloading of both the train and trucks which allows for the timeliness of operations to occur.