who we are

Our team

Grainforce Logistics is comprised of a diverse number of employees whose roles range from labourers, administration and logistical experts, laboratory technicians, truck drivers and operations mangers. Here at Grainforce Logistics, we are passionate and strive to employee a diverse workforce to ensure equal employment opportunities. In turn, this helps to create a fair and respectful workplace culture. 

What we do

Whilst Grainforce Logistics is most commonly regarded as a specialist grain storage, handling and packing facility, we offer much more than that! Grainforce has the infrastructure, technology and machinery to not only handle and store grain but also a diverse range of commodities including fibres, meals, and general freight.  Grainforce Logistics also facilitates the movement of shipping containers to and from relative ports and destinations via the use of the rail terminal and road transport. The Grainforce Logistics site boasts 1,200 meters of dual rail siding, giving the business direct access to Sydney ports. Grainforce Logistics is situated on a six hectare site and has the ability to receive and store approximately 18000 tonnes when at maximum capacity. This is possible due to the expansive and modern infrastructure that is situated at the Grainforce Logistics site including ten, three hundred tonne upright silos and one storage shed that can hold up to fifteen thousand tonne.